Bethel Bells Logo

Bethel Bells is a location based app and website organized by a group of believer enthusiasts. The objective of the organization is to facilitate a forum for prayers to those in need such as travelers headed for different destinations, especially feeling an urge to get close to the Lord or those passing through some crisis or simply those who love to be in the company of the faithful.

In Bethel Bells, the user can also post his/her prayer points so that a team in Bethel Bells and other users can also pray for you. We also post some very important prayer points every week so that the user can use it in their prayer cell or in their personal prayers. Those who have specific prayers to make may post appropriate requests at the "Prayer Points Page" in the app.

Bethel Bells also facilitates churches to get registered in our app, so that many members can see their church prayer information, location and can join with you in prayer.

Google maps mostly provides the same facility as we do except that we give you more updated information including prayers not available in Google. Our App shows you prayers as available exactly at the time of opening the app. For instance, if you open the app at 10.00 am on a Saturday it will show you only the prayers which you can attend at the time on the day. It will not show prayers already done and over. In other words our updating is up to the minute. Our future plans include date-specific updating of prayer information.

Volunteers are the key to efficient functioning of Bethel Bells as an organization. The information of the prayers provided by them will be made live in our app after review. We also reward our volunteers generously for supporting us.